Police Report December 2016

Police Report – PC Julian Peukert Significant reduction of youth crimes in last month.  Six domestic house break-ins, no business break-ins.  No serious assaults, but one minor youth-related assault on bus. Two road traffic issues raised to fiscal, one delivery vehicle theft, and four other thefts including bike and mobile.  One incident of public indecency. Read more about Police Report December 2016[…]

Police Report September 2016

For the period of 17/07/2016-17/08/2016 there were 67 Recorded crimes. This is down from 84 the same period last year. For housebreakings, there were 2 and 2 attempts for the last month compared with 2 in this period last year. Thefts are down from 22 to 6 recorded crimes. Assaults from 11 to 2. Currently Read more about Police Report September 2016[…]

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