9th June 2016


33 Pinkhill development

Recently the topic of a meeting between developer, legal rep, Chairman S Kerr, W Hope, and R Moran.  No details provided to date; was a discussion of the planning process.  ACTION:  As planning progresses, S Kerr will ensure information is shared with Murrayfield CC.

Craigmount High School extension 

Noted that planning proposal without council consultation will not be supported.  T Rae, Craigmount Head Teacher, notes that communication around extension has been very tight.  Offers to bring an officer from Craigmount HS to future CCC meeting to discuss extension with members and public (ACTION).

Craigs Road

As a statutory consult tee the Community Council has been informed of the above application that has appeared on the Planning Portal website… read more


Craigmount High School Extensions

As the C.C. is a statutory consult tee we have received from Planning e – mailed notifications of the following PANs (Planning Application Notifications)… read more


Edinburgh Gateway train station

Bus gateway now open for Edinburgh Gateway train station.  Issue raised that Lothian Buses have no plans to drive into new station due to impact on schedules.  Concerns raised due to fact that this decision conflicts communication from Lothian Buses prior to beginning of station build, and that the communication by ScotRail was neither clear nor comprehensive.

ACTION – W Hope will raise these issues in official CCC response to planners.

Attendee John Yellowlees, representing Murrayfield CC but acting in his role as ScotRail employee, addressed some concerns raised.  It is also recommended that items raised be directly communicated to Transport Scotland.

ACTIONJohn Yellowlees Comprehensive Response
Turnhouse Road

Discussion held regarding plans for development of 1400 houses on Turnhouse Road, with questions raised regarding expected impact on local traffic.  Also mentioned was lack of perceived cooperation on part of developer to share documentation for analysis.

ACTION – F Ross will research and provide hierarchy on such planning documents/progress.


34, Belgrave Road

The developer has been in consultation with planning officials with a proposal of demolition of existing redundant former church halls and constructing on site two blocks of four town houses… read more


Corstorphine Primary School

Application has been submitted for new build stand – alone nursery in grounds of Corstorphine Primary School with removal of existing pre – fab building… read more

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