8th October 2016

Police Reports

Police report.

For the period of 15/10/2017 -15/11/2017 there were 59 Recorded crimes, down from 88 the same period last year.

For housebreakings, for the last month there were 6 reported compared with 10 in this period last year.

Thefts are 14 for this year compared with 13 last year.

Assaults down from 7 to 4.

Bike thefts

We have seen an increase in bike thefts in the area and are investigating to catch the culprits. One common theme is that they are locating cars in driveways/outside houses that have bike racks affixed and then targeting garages and sheds for bikes. Its common sense to remove such an indicator from your car to prevent you from being a victim.

At the end of the report I have added more advice regarding safe keeping of your cycle.


Please could people take a moment to complete the Police Your view counts survey? It helps inform our policing priorities across the country by telling us what’s important to you.

This is the second year we have run the ‘Your View Counts’ consultation. Analysis of survey results, together with crime stats and other community and partnership meetings, are used to determine our priorities.

The survey can be accessed by the below link:  https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/CXH85XJ

Bogus Workmen

If, for whatever reason, your suspicions are not satisfied, do not let that caller in. Shut the door and call the police – 101 or, in an emergency, 999.

It is always recommended to use the Edinburgh Trusted Trader Scheme (www.trustedtrader.scot) when searching for Tradesmen.

Any questions please get back in touch.

Kind Regards,


PC Davison E0442

Ward Officer – Corstorphine/Murrayfield.

Corstorphine Police station.

Tel no. 01313162836


Keep Your Bike Secure

More than 500,000 bikes are stolen in the UK each year because they’re poorly secured or not secured at all. More than half of all bikes stolen are taken from the owner’s property.

Help protect your bike by following these guidelines:

What can I do before I set off?

  • Photograph your bike and record all of your bike’s details and distinguishing features and keep in a safe place. The serial number can be found on the bottom bracket.
  • Register your bicycle securely online at the National Cycle Database, www.bikeregister.com. Doing this may help to recover your bike if it goes missing. On registering, you can also download a bike logbook where you can record your bike’s details to keep at hand.
  • Security mark your bike’s frame with a UV pen or other method – the mark should include your home postcode and house number.
  • Insure your bike, either on contents insurance or separately if required.

How can I secure my bike if it’s kept in common close or stairwell?

  • Always keep your bike out of sight as best you can.
  • Lock your bike with two locks to a secure banister or ground anchor.

What if I store my bicycle in a garage or a shed?

  • For tips on garage and shed security see our advice on Keeping Your Home Secure.
  • Lock your bike with two locks to a ground anchor.

How should I secure my bike and its accessories when out and about?

  • Lock your bike up every time you leave it using secure locks (i.e. D-locks or thick cable locks).
  • Ideally, use two different types of lock – a thief will need more tools to steal it.
  • Locks are considered more vulnerable when close to the ground, so keep them off the floor.
  • Fasten your bike through the frame and wheel to a fixed object.
  • Lock your bike in a busy, well-lit place, in view of people or CCTV cameras.
  • Lock the bike closely to the object it’s attached to so it is difficult to manoeuvre.
  • Lock the wheels and remove small parts / accessories that cannot be readily secured, such as lights, pumps, water bottles, saddles etc.
  • Vary your routine – lock up your bike in different ways & place.

What type of cycle lock is best?

  • Buy the best lock you can afford. It’s tempting to spend more money on the bike, but this is pointless if it gets stolen. As a guide, spend about 10% of the cost of your bike on a lock.
  • Choose a ‘Sold Secure’ badged bicycle lock with a gold, silver or bronze rating.

Police report.

For the period of 17/04/2017 – 17/05/2017 there were 55 Recorded crimes this is down from 55 the same period last year.

For housebreakings, 1 attempt and 1 full Hb occurred compared with 4 for the same period last year.

Thefts are down from 10 last year to 8 this year

Assaults down from 11 to 7.

Youth Issues are continuing but are down compared with last month. Inititives to target the youths behaviour are continuing.

Points I would like to bring to the communities attention.

Beat officers will be attending the Gylemuir Primary School summer fair
and Corstorphine fair. Please say Hello when you see us.

Bogus Workman/ Door step Crime

I have attached a Door step Crime leaflet with tip and information on please feel free to print this and pass onto anyone who you think would benefit.

Again I’d like to highlight about Bogus workman offering business for cash in hand. If, for whatever reason, your suspicions are not satisfied with a caller, do not let that caller in. Shut the door and call the police. 101 or in an emergency 999.
It is always recommended to us the Edinburgh Trusted Trader Scheme. www.trustedtrader.scot when searching for Tradesmen.

I recommend as a first port of call with any questions to the police to visit www.askthe.scottish.police.uk which has a wealth of information that can point you in the right direction.

Any questions at all please get back in touch.

Kind Regards,
PC Davison 442
Ward Officer – Corstorphine/Murrayfield.
Corstorphine Police station.
Tel no. 01313162836


As the nights become lighter we begin to enjoy the outdoors more and think about days away and holidays. This is the ideal time to have a spring clean of your security.

Here are a few things to consider –
Do you keep your keys in sight of a window?
If you have an alarm and do you use it every time you go out?
Are your valuables easily accessible?
Have you uploaded your photos to the cloud or on to a hard drive?

The following tips could help prevent your house from becoming a statistic:

• If going away on holiday try and make the house look occupied – neighbours using drive ways, bins being taken in/out and lights on timers.
• Ensure your locks are tested to British Standard or meets the needs of your insurance company.
• Keep doors and windows locked, especially if out of view.
• Keep car keys secure and hidden at all times. If on holiday, take the keys with you.
• If you are out whilst it is dark, consider fitting light timers or leaving a light on.
• Fit and use outside security lights, preferably dusk to dawn – these come on automatically when it is dark.
• Window locks should be fitted where appropriate and used all the time. Do not leave the key in the lock.
• Mark all the electrical equipment with an ultraviolet marker pen or register at www.immobilise.com
• At the front of the house hedges or trees should be trimmed or cropped so as not to provide cover for thieves.
• Laptop computers and mobile phones are favourite housebreaking targets. These should be locked away or removed from view. Add tracking software to smart phones, laptops and Ipads to aid in the recovery of these items
• Consider investing in a safe or strong box for storage of cash and valuables. A safe should be securely fixed to the fabric of the building and should only be used for short-term storage of cash.
• Consider installing an intruder alarm system. More information can be found on alarm systems and monitoring at www.nsi.org.uk or www.ssaib.org
• Secure your shed and all tools that may be used to force entry to your home.
• Consider the use of a shed alarm; these can be purchased at a number of police stations.

If you see anyone acting suspiciously near to your premises please contact the police immediately with as detailed a description as possible of any person or vehicle involved. Please call 999 if an emergency and urgent police assistance is required or 101 to report the matter to the police.

For further advice www.scotland.police.uk

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