28th September 2016


Community Parking & Traffic Meeting – Issues Reported To CCC

South Gyle:

Traffic surveys carried out 3 years ago but no action ever taken –why?
Does not agree that current citizens should be burdened with charges/fees for permit parking, but is very concerned with impact that continued development is having…read more

General Solutions Suggested To Community Parking & Traffic Issues

Solutions that have worked in other areas…read more

Community Parking & Traffic Meeting – Summary & Actions

Approximately 80 people attended Community Parking & Traffic meeting. Pending a full review & log of the issues raised and receipt of the City of Edinburgh Council’s initial response, please note the below summary of the discussion, related correspondence, and advised actions… read more

Maps Of Affected Areas

Police Parking Input

Brief notes regarding the Police Scotland input at the Public meeting held by Corstorphine Community Council 11/10/2017…read more

Edinburgh`s 20Mph Rollout Continues As New Signs Go Up For Phase 3

The Capital’s  rollout of 20mph speed limits for residential and shopping streets continues with new signs starting to be installed for phase three.  More than half of the citywide roll out is now complete…read more

Parents Urged To ‘PARKSMART’ For School

Pupils and teachers across Edinburgh have joined a campaign to discourage inconsiderate parking at school gates.
The ParkSmart initiative, which began last week, aims to cut congestion at the beginning and end of the school day while promoting active travel amongst children and their families… read more

Road Surface Dressings

Severe concerns have been aired over various roads in our area having surfacing work done known as ‘Surface Dressing’…read more


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