Police Report September 2016

For the period of 17/07/2016-17/08/2016 there were 67 Recorded crimes. This is down from 84 the same period last year.

For housebreakings, there were 2 and 2 attempts for the last month compared with 2 in this period last year.

Thefts are down from 22 to 6 recorded crimes.

Assaults from 11 to 2.

Currently a local speed check campaign has been undertaken in Balgreen Road, Broomhall Road and other areas. This is to deter drivers from travelling at unsafe speeds through built up residential areas.

We are in the season when the light nights can see an increase in inquisitive crime, this is a reminder there is no room for complacency as there are offenders out there who will take an opportunity any time it presents itself. With that in mind, please ensure your premises are locked and secure and alarms turned on if you are going out. If you would be interested in a crime prevention survey of your home please get in touch.

The amnesty campaign for the surrender of Air weapons has now finished however the legislation does not come into force until the 31st December and Police Scotland will continue to accept the surrender of air weapons at local stations. If you have an air weapon, and plan to apply for a licence, applications will be taken from Police Scotland from the 1st July 2016.

Very useful website that can answer most commonly asked question of the police is available here.

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