Police Report December 2016

Police Report – PC Julian Peukert

Significant reduction of youth crimes in last month.  Six domestic house break-ins, no business break-ins.  No serious assaults, but one minor youth-related assault on bus. Two road traffic issues raised to fiscal, one delivery vehicle theft, and four other thefts including bike and mobile.  One incident of public indecency.

NOTE:  Local distribution of counterfeit currency, bogus workmen falsely assessing elderly people’s homes as needing work, and one incident of over-phone bank fraud, leading to loss of £32,000.

2017/2018 policing strategy in process of being created with planned focus on home break-ins and anti-social behaviour.

ACTION:  Public and Members can give feedback via website: http://www.scotland.police.uk/contact-us/

Attendee question (I Todd):  Can anything be done regarding public parking in N Gyle Grove/Terrace area?

Police Scotland answer:  Advised that if personal property is obstructed, then can call police. Otherwise, no legal recourse.

F Ross notes that parking on pavement is not currently illegal unless pram or wheelchair cannot go past.

Featherhall traffic and parking issues raised.

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