25th October 2016


Befriending Service
Health in Mind is a charity promoting positive mental health and well being in Scotland – if you can spare a few hours a week over the period of 6 months then you could become a befriender. Visit their website or email joanna.lawrence@health-in-mind.org.uk for more details.

Working Together to Make our Streets Accessible & Attractive for All

Stakeholder Workshop 13th November 2017 – Summary of Key Points Raised

Update on 181-195 St. John’s Road, Corstorphine

Following an initial meeting with Corstorphine Community Council, Craig Ormond, Director at Mactaggart & Mickel Homes Ltd commented: read more

Live Project for Hospitality, Marketing, Tourism, Festival & Events in Corstorphine

This Edinburgh Napier University report’s main objectives were to create a marketing plan with the aim of promoting Corstorphine as a flourishing enterprise area and to consider the development of a marketing campaign to promote Corstorphine, its consumers and businesses.

This report is a 49 page written summary available as DOWNLOAD.


Easter Party raising funds for CCLASP and School For Camp, collecting stationery for a refugee camp in Greece

Funding Opportunity – 5K To Give Away In Carrick Knowe

The Scottish Government have set aside £5,000 for community improvement in Carrick Knowe and want to put YOU in control of how it’s spent…pdf download

Edinburgh`s Vision For 2050: A Fair City Of Opportunity And Innovation

Edinburgh should be a city full of opportunity and innovation with no barriers to achievement, according to the initial findings of a city-wide campaign… read more

Quick Update

  • Missing bus shelters have been replaced.
  • Featherhall hedge still to be cut.
  • Tree pit outside Guitar Guitar still to be cleared… read more

Police Report December 2016

Police Report – PC Julian Peukert

Significant reduction of youth crimes in last month.  Six domestic house break-ins, no business break-ins.  No serious assaults, but one minor youth-related assault on bus… read more

Quick Updates November 2016

  • White Lady Crossing – down from 3 minutes to 45 seconds, once cross button pressed
  • Overgrown hedges on Manse Road, High Street, Featherhall – all cut… read more

Police Report November 2016

There were 46 recorded crimes for the area during the period 20/10/16 – 16/11/16 of which 20 were solved and reports have been submitted to the Procurator Fiscal… read more

Youth Report 2016

Under 8’s Halloween Event on Saturday 29th October – come along for dooking, crafts, face painting, or just drop in… read more

Quick Updates October 2016

  • Cllr. Ross reported the new road tarring surfaces were settling down and additional new areas were being laid with a different material… read more

Police Report October 2016

For the period of 17/08/2016-17/09/2016 there were 32 Recorded crimes this is down from 67 the same period last year.

For housebreakings, there were 3 for the last month compared with 5 in this period last year.

Thefts are down from 25 to 6 this year

Assaults down from 2 to 1.

Points The Police would like to bring to the communities attention: read more


Police Report September 2016

For the period of 17/07/2016-17/08/2016 there were 67 Recorded crimes. This is down from 84 the same period last year.

For housebreakings, there were 2 and 2 attempts for the last month compared with 2 in this period last year.

Thefts are down from 22 to 6 recorded crimes.

Assaults from 11 to 2… read more


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