Possible ways to tackle problem parking and traffic domination

Possible ways to tackle problem parking and traffic domination:

  • Filtered permeability. There are quite a few examples in Edinburgh already. Example on Whitson Road.
  • Pedestrianisation
  • Parking exclusion zones around schools (this has been trialled successfully in Edinburgh and is being further rolled out)
  • Car free days More info. Portland, Oregon has seven suburbs that have a car free Sunday rota and take turns.
  • Playing Out initiative http://playingout.net/
  • One way streets
  • Better parking enforcement from council
  • Residents’ parking permits
  • Bollarding (to prevent pavement parking). Example.
  • Double yellows around dropped kerbs and access points for cycles/pedestrians
  • Commitment from local businesses to stop pavement parking.
  • Better placemaking provision for locals to improve their residential and shopping streets.
  • Wider pavements so more space given over to people walking.
  • Cycle provision (segregated from traffic) so people can cycle and feel safe.
  • Proposed LEZ
  • Examples.
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