Community Parking & Traffic Meeting – Summary & Actions

Approximately 80 people attended Community Parking & Traffic meeting. Pending a full review & log of the issues raised and receipt of the City of Edinburgh Council’s initial response, please note the below summary of the discussion, related correspondence, and advised actions.


Issues Raised

  • Traffic and congestion issues in the area are adversely affecting people’s lives – from speeding and rat runs, to commuter and airport parking.
  • Tensions are running high with voiced concern for child safety (e.g. “it’s a matter of time before there’s a death”).
  • Traffic and congestion issues, such as cars mounting pavements, are deterring people from choosing active travel, with the perception being that “pedestrians aren’t considered important” to City of Edinburgh Council.
  • Housing and building developments within the area, and further west of the city, are adding to the density and exacerbating the issues.
  • The issues are affecting the whole area, from Pinkhill and Carrick Knowe to Broomhall, North and South Gyle and Craigmount, not just central Corstorphine, but wider area seems to be ignored (despite multiple appeals to CEC, with photographic evidence).
  • Residents have been promised action on certain streets over a number of years, but nothing has changed.


Suggested Solutions (to be agreed)

  • Take steps to reduce volume of traffic on St John’s Road and Drumbrae Roundabout via options such as
    • promotion of park and ride on west of city (including restricting any multi-storey parking to already existing car parks)
    • making Edinburgh Gateway a bus/tram/train interchange
    • more efficient usage or reduction of long-distance buses on St John’s Road (currently a large number of empty buses).
  • Use filtered permeability to reduce traffic on side streets and encourage short local journeys to be made on foot or bike.
  • Introduce a parking controlled zone across the whole area to discourage long term airport and commuter parking.


Actions Advised

  • Corstorphine Community Council will attempt to crowd source a map of the entire affected area so that everyone has a better understanding of the impacts, as well as provide a comprehensive log of issues and potential solutions.
  • City of Edinburgh Council to work with the community on determining and implementing solutions so that there is a clear understanding of timeframe for seeing change.
  • Where previous ground work has been done, utilise previously identified solutions to implement change quickly.
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