Councillor’s Report – Councillor Frank Ross

Update on previous issues raised:

  • Missing bus shelters have been replaced.
  • Featherhall hedge still to be cut.
  • Tree pit outside Guitar Guitar still to be cleared.

Other notices/concerns raised:

  • South Beechwood residents contacted Councillor Ross with concerns regarding two years’ work on care home, which is to commence immediately.
  • Living Landscape consultation to be moved to January, but will not include members of public, which raises concerns due to lack of ability for public comment.
  • Gogar Interchange to open 11th December; still no Lothian bus link, which prevents usage by NW and SW residences.
  • Christmas lights not available due to cost to replace faulty lights. Commitment had been made that officials will look at capital budget in coming year, to replace.  Cllr Ross notes that a February/March meeting will be held to discuss Christmas lights further.  Suggestion made by member (J Beck) that local businesses foot at least portion of cost as way of giving to community.  PC Peukert mentions example of Ullapool of how a community has managed similar funding.
  • Other community improvement suggestions discussed.
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