Business & Amenities Sub Group – Thea Ni Lionnain

Business & Amenities Sub Group – Thea Ni Lionnain

First subgroup meeting held 8th November; minutes attached.

Goals of the group were clarified, including the need to create a branding campaign (with Edinburgh Napier students) to market Corstorphine as a green/walking village (with expectation that this may also help increase business in the area).  Expectation that this will look at history of village while looking to the future.

S Kerr notes that any brief created will take local opinion into account.  This brief will form a part of the CCC Prospectus which will articulate the main themes of focus for the coming three-year tenure.

DECISION – It is agreed by all that Prospectus could bolt onto Edinburgh Council’s 2020 vision as a local building block.


Debate held amongst attendees regarding local community and actual impact this project will have.  Some members question possibility of success of such work/improving and increasing business, especially due to age of community and lack of development on St John’s Road.  Others note that it will take a positive view of the future and hard work, but that there is a need for a more vibrant business community, as well as more marketing of what currently exists for residents.

T McLean, representing the CYCC, requests to be a member of this sub group and that a Youth SubGroup be created.

ACTION – S Kerr will raise suggestion to Youth Coordinator, Calum Gubby.


Corstorphine Trade Association (CTA) launch event to come (Cafe Vigo).  Expectation is that this will be a business advice event (marketing, networking).  If successful, will start a calendar of events.   It is noted that the CTA will be a separate entity to CCC once active.

ACTION – S Kerr will attend upcoming Murrayfield CC meeting to explain idea behind establishment of CTA as Murrayfield looks to do something in similar vein.

DECISION – Local business owners will be invited to upcoming December CCC Xmas party.
K Wright suggests that the B&A group reach out to Edinburgh Council to connect with current free wifi initiative.

ACTION – T Ni Lionnain will investigate.
It is noted that Environment Subgroup is new name for Traffic Subgroup.  This will be led by Susan Murray.

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