Quick Updates

  • White Lady Crossing – down from 3 minutes to 45 seconds, once cross button pressed
  • Overgrown hedges on Manse Road, High Street, Featherhall – all cut
  • Reported rubbish tip still under investigation
  • Carrick Knowe footbridge repaired
  • Maybury and Cammo areas will be part of final development plan to be distributed by Council (money required for schools/amenities for these, but source of funds still to be determined; developers have not agreed to cover costs)
  • Garden District and Edmonston developers are planning to pay for schools and health amenities.

Discussion held regarding budget availability for resourcing new health clinics and schools once created, as well as ways to encourage development of land that does not have such a potential negative impact on the local infrastructure.

Frank Ross attended Today’s Modern Apprenticeship presentations (related programmes – JET, JET Plus, Youth Employment Council, etc).  Feels very positive programme that will encourage teens and peers to consider other successful paths, versus only university.

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