West Neighbourhood Partnership Meeting Report 23rd August 2016

Cllr. Aldridge advised that K. Swinney had decided to stand down from the Neighbourhood Partnership representing the Corstorphine Community Council. He also will not be putting himself forward as a member or Secretary of CCC in coming election in September.

The Convenor advised that Ken had served 27 years as C/C/C. Secretary and on behalf of the N.P. thanked Ken for his contribution / input to not only N.P meetings but also to the Environment Sub Group.  The Convenor wished Ken well and all the best for the future.

Community Grants applications were listed and approved.

More information  and details were requested for the Friends of Roseburn Park application and an update for the next meeting.

Peter Strong North West Locality Manager gave an update on all movement projects for 2016/2017 financial year with reports complete for the next N.P meeting.

Concerns  were raised  on GP surgeries difficulty on handling existing clients with the forthcoming new house building programme.

Ken Swinney raised the state of resurfacing taking place on Saughton Road North and the sudden loss of the bus stop on the end of Ladywell Road.

New grass cutting arrangements were raised  along with concerns of train stopping reductions at South Gyle station following the new rail operations at Gogar.

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