Community Parking & Traffic Meeting – Issues Reported To CCC

South Gyle:

Traffic surveys carried out 3 years ago but no action ever taken –why?
Does not agree that current citizens should be burdened with charges/fees for permit parking, but is very concerned with impact that continued development is having.

Saughton Road North:

Disappointed with lack of consultation/communication in advance of road being shut; no on the ground support from Scottish Water; too few (6) workers on site. Also noted that SW blame CEC for issues while CEC blame SW – no ownership.

Suggested Solutions:

Need clearer and more proactive communication from both SW and CEC regarding work being done. Job would be finished more quickly if there were more workers. Would like lights where people are working.

Progress Updates:

Updates have been sent out regularly via Frank Ross and shared with wider community. In addition, J Beck has reached out directly to Mr Bowes following such comms; no response to date. @CorstorphineCC Twitter account sending regular, live updates as able.

Carrick Knowe Gardens:

Multiple issues raised:
1. very dangerous for children in area

2. also dangerous for car when trying to drive out of street

3. people in area park on junctions with no concern for impact to
other drivers

4. will it take a child’s death for change to happen?!

5. Carrick Knowe feels ‘forgotten.

6. Recently put in danger due to car mounting curb

7. Has accepted that developments are going to happen whether
local residents and business owners support or not.

Suggested Solutions:

Would like security cameras installed in area or bollards on pavements.

Likes Filtered Permeability and Bollarding as solutions.

Featherhall and Manse Roads:

Both roads’ residents surved five years ago, resulting in decision to make one-way streets. Nothing happened – why not?

Suggested Solutions:

One resident notes that conflicting needs of residents and cycling lobby led to decision to not make one-way.

Corstorphine in general:

Concerns across area about pavement parking making it difficult/impossible for buggies/wheelchairs to get along

Concerns raised throughout regarding long term (1-4 weeks) parking; assumed to be related to holidaymakers flying from airport. Exacerbated by introduction of 200 airport bus.

Existing double yellow lines on corners aren’t enforced. In particular, concerns about large commercial vehicles parking there and obstructing sight lines.

Suggested Solutions:

Police note that Private Members Bill still going through ScottishParliament.
Could bollards/railings be put up on certain streets to prevent this?

Need to get more parking wardens out.

White Lady pedestrian crossing, St John’s Road:

Doesn’t give enough time for elderly or infirm people to cross.

Dunsmuir Court:

Used to be residents only parking – the sign is still there – could this be enforced? Also concerns about access for emergency vehicles.

Carrick Knowe and Pinkhill:

Carrick Knowe and Pinkhill are as bad as Corstorphine – whyweren’t they included in the traffic survey area?

Kaimes Road:

Zoo staff parking all day, particularly dangerous at corners obscuring sight lines and making it difficult to exit.

Featherhall Avenue:

Extra footfall from new nursery and nearby primary school.

Suggested Solutions:

Needs pedestrian crossings. Could CCTV cameras be put in to stop illegal parking? Could certain streets be blocked off to prevent rat runs?

St John’s Road:

What can be done for residents of St Johns Road who don’t have driveways or on-street parking?

Also notes that air quality issues impact asthma.

Tesco crossing:

When are lines on yellow box at Tescos going to be repainted? Cars sit over the pedestrian crossing making it impossible to cross at green man.

Suggested Solutions:

This would be an ideal location for CCTV cameras.

Manse Road:

Teachers from primary school park there all day – why didn’t the Council create some parking space in the playground when they fixed it up?

People use as thoroughfare.

Suggested Solutions:

Suggest park and ride for students and teachers. Can a drive-through for drop-off / pick-up times not be put in
place? Noted by Chair of Corstorphine Primary Parent-Teachers Forum that school is doing utmost to encourage active travel amongst pupils, parents, etc.

Could a ‘Please do not use as a through road’ sign, such as found at Bellevue Road / Clermiston Hill junction, be put up for Manse Road?

Meadow Place Road bus stop:

People waiting for busses clog up the pavement resulting in kids going to school having to go on the road to get past.

Suggested Solutions:

Could the pavement at this bus stop be widened?

Featherhall Avenue & St John’s Road:

Signage from at the Centurion saying no right turn. Could this be reinforced or enforced?

Problems are car ownership & frequency of usage, utilisation of available space for vehicle use and storage and legislation & enforcement of such.

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