Edinburgh`s 20Mph Rollout Continues As New Signs Go Up For Phase 3

The Capital’s  rollout of 20mph speed limits for residential and shopping streets continues with new signs starting to be installed for phase three.  More than half of the citywide roll out is now complete.

Residents from Clermiston to Clovenstone, South Gyle to Silverknowes will start to spot new 20mph signs and lines in their area.  The new speed limit for phase 3 comes into effect from 16 August and covers zone 4(north west) and zone 5 (west).

Large 20mph signs will mark the entrance and exit of a 20mph area where the speed limit is changing.  These will be supplemented by smaller repeater signs or road markings with speed limit roundels.

As with the rest of the rollout, a network of roads in the Phase 3 area will be retained at 30mph and 40mph, including for example Calder Road, Maybury Road, Queensferry Road and Lanark Road.

As well as improving road safety, the 20mph scheme aims to make streets calmer, quieter and more pleasant places to spend time in, boosting a sense of community and helping the environment by encouraging active travel like walking and cycling.

Police Scotland is supportive of improved road safety and will continue to enforce and monitor 20mph limits.  The new speed limit will also rely on a change in driver behaviour and we will be working to achieve this with the Police through road safety education, awareness raising and prevention activities.

Further information about the 20mph Scheme is available on the Council’s website at www.edinburgh.gov.uk/20mph and on Facebook page at www.facebook.com/edin20mph 

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